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Meet Jennifer, founder of North Star Esthetics

With a background in esthetics education and over 25 years of experience in skincare, North Star was founded in 2017 out of Jennifer's belief that everyone deserves to shine!

No matter your lifestyle, budget or health conditions, Jennifer and her team of highly skilled professionals will guide you on your journey toward achieving your skincare goals and ensure you always leave our clinic feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and radiating confidence.

At North Star, we strive to be your guiding light!

Through a blend of advanced techniques and top-tier products, we strive to create a sanctuary where you feel valued, cared for, and confident. We believe that when you leave our clinic looking great, you'll also feel great - embodying an inner radiance that shines as bright as the North Star!

We aim to educate you on the importance of skin health, help you make informed decisions and adopt effective skincare routines. This empowers you to maintain your radiance and wellness long after you leave our clinic.

In essence, we at North Star Esthetics, strive to be the guiding light on your journey to beauty, confidence, and wellness, illuminating your path just as the North Star guides those who seek direction.

Our team of highly skilled estheticians is what truly sets us apart.

Here are some of the qualities that make our estheticians superior:



Our estheticians are licensed professionals with extensive training and experience in the field of esthetics. They have a deep understanding of skin physiology, skincare treatments, and the latest technologies in the industry.


Customized Approach

Our estheticians excel in providing personalized care. They thoroughly analyze each client's skin and consider their concerns, preferences, and lifestyle to create a tailored treatment plan.


Ongoing Education

To ensure our services remain top-tier, our estheticians are committed to continuous learning. They regularly participate in professional development and training programs to stay updated with the latest advancements.

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Olivia Jewell

Olivia started her career in esthetics because she wanted to help people feel confident. She is an experienced Acne Specialist and Tattoo Artist specializing in Lip Blushing. Her clinical expertise and experience in epidermal care allow her to fully address the needs of any client.


Sydney Doudna

Sydney is a Licensed Clinical Esthetician. After finishing her undergrad at Florida State University, she was eager to find a job in counseling but soon realized that she had always had a passion for skincare. As someone who has struggled with acne, she was eager to help others achieve their skin goals. She is now training as an Acne Specialist.

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Set the course for
your skincare journey.

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